Finding the perfect match

Go Au Pair uses a mutual matching process to help host families and au pairs find the best fit.  To get the most out of the tool, it’s important that you spend time narrowing your options and especially interviewing au pairs.

Many au pairs are infant qualified, have driver’s licenses, or speak multiple languages.  On paper, it can be difficult to know whether one au pair will be better for your family than another.  The answer?  Interview.  Not once, but two or three times.

If you are able, use Skype or another video conferencing tool, so that you can see your potential au pair.  So much of his or her personality will be lost without the visual element–facial expressions and body language will allow you to experience your au pair’s sense of humor and warmth.

When it comes time to choose your au pair, you may find, as many host families do, that something just “clicks,” with a certain candidate and many of the must-haves on your wishlist feel a bit less necessary.  Learn more about trusting your gut: read When Matching Trust your Instincts.

keep calm and follow your instincts


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