Food Culture Shock – Finding Familiar Foods

Food is one of the best tools in your arsenal to combat homesickness.  Au pairs, if you’re feeling a little lost without the comforting home-cooked meals you left behind, check out these local resources.

Saraga International Market – Saraga carries food from all over the world at two locations in Indianapolis.  Hard-to-find fruits, vegetables, staples, and spices are almost always available on their shelves.  And if you aren’t a cook, they have a pretty impressive array of global ready-to-eat entrees, breads, and side dishes.  I personally sneak off to Saraga for frozen, ready-to-warm garlic naan, but they have everything from bulk rice to duck eggs to British teas.

For German cuisine, try Heidelburg House german bakery for springerle (they also have a restaurant!) or Claus German Sausage, which stocks freshly-made meats and charcuterie, specialty breads, mustards, and other staples.

Asia Mart Grocery caters to clients from Thailand, China, Japan, Korea and the Phillipines.

There are a wide array of international markets that specialize in specific parts of the world, and I’ll update this page as I learn of more.

Have you found one that you love?  Let me know about it below!



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