Au Pairs take note: Indianapolis is a great host city!

When I lived abroad, the standard reaction to my revelation that I lived in Oklahoma was incredulity that I might live in a teepee (I did not, for the record!).  The big cities are usually pretty familiar–NYC, Los Angeles, Chicago.   My experience got me thinking that potential au pairs might not have heard of our city. 

So, when a host family asks to interview you and they are from Indianapolis, don’t be disheartened or worry that your year abroad will be dull because you’ve never heard of the place.  While it is true that Indianapolis isn’t quite so fast-paced as say, New York City, this city has a lot to offer, including friendly, welcoming people, beautiful historic districts, top notch educational institutions, great museums (including the biggest Children’s Museum in the world–but don’t let the name fool you, I have just as much fun there as my toddler!), and a varied and active artistic and culinary scene.

Plus, if you really want to visit a bigger city like Chicago, it’s a $1 MegaBus trip away.  Indianapolis is the best of both worlds–friendly and laid-back, but accessible.

Au Pairs, do you have a question about Indianapolis?  Feel free to ask in a comment!


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