Au Pairs: Fulfilling your education requirement in Indianapolis

In order to successfully complete your year as an au pair, you need to fulfill the education requirement: 6 credit hours at an accredited college or university (12 for EduCare Au Pairs).

In the U.S., most schools have two semesters–spring and fall–and also a series of courses offered in the summer, sometimes with accelerated options that can be completed in fewer weeks than usual (because the classes are longer or meet more frequently).  Summer courses can be a great way to complete your requirement, especially if your host family has a more flexible schedule in the summer time.

Most Indianapolis universities offer an auditing program.  When you audit, you’ll get to participate in the course’s lectures and assignments, but you won’t have to enroll in a degree program and will not receive transferable college credits.

One more reason to audit:  the cost is frequently much less than taking a course for credit.  Here are some of the accredited schools around Indianapolis and their auditing options:

School: Butler University
How to Audit:      Apply to the Audit for Enrichment program and submit transcripts of previous academic work
Cost: $100 per credit hour.

School: Christian Theological Seminary
How to Audit:  Submit a one-page application and registration form.  You’ll get approval via email.
Cost:  “steeply discounted tuition rates.”

School: IUPUI
How to Audit:      You must be enrolled and get the approval of the course instructor.
Cost: full tuition (approx. $185/credit hour for residents, and $798 for non-residents)

School: Ivy Tech Community College
How to Audit:
Request approval from the program chair, and enroll in the course no later than the second week of the semester.
full tuition (Approximate rates are $111.15 for Indiana residents and $239.40 for out-of-state students)

School: Marian University
How to Audit:
     Fill out an application to audit (contact admissions office for the form) and request approval from the instructor.
Cost: $140/credit hour

School: University of Indianapolis
How to Audit:
     The School of Adult Learning has applications for the Lifelong Learning College.
Cost: 50% of full tuition, or approx. $160/credit hour


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