Does getting an au pair take forever?

It’s tricky to estimate the time it takes to get an au pair, as it is dependent on a variety of factors including your family’s needs, the way in which you interview candidates, and the visa process.  Some families take a few days, others a few months to interview candidates and find the perfect fit.  And each country’s visa process is different.  So, what do you do if you want to use au pair care, but you need someone soon?

Did you know there are au pairs who are already in the U.S?  Eliminating the visa acquisition process and inbound travel makes an au pair more realistic for a family in need of childcare on a tighter schedule.  Some au pairs are ready to start an extension year with a new family, like Leydi from Mexico, who spent her first year with a family in Utah and is hoping to find a new family soon.  Other au pairs’ host families have had a transition (relocation, changing childcare needs) that necessitate an early end to their placement with that family.  There are over a dozen au pairs available to transfer or extend right now.

Need an au pair soon?  You can view Available Au Pairs for free any time (choose “in country au pairs” to see caregivers that have already arrived in the U.S.).  Streamline the process of interviewing by checking out these tips from the goAUPAIR blog, and your family could welcome a great caregiver sooner than you think!


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