Getting to know Indy: Speedway

Too often, we fail to be tourists in our own towns.  A challenge for host families:  get to know your city, so that you can share it with your au pair.

Have you been to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway?  Au Pair, Andrea, and I got together recently to visit and it was great.  I am not a motor sports aficionado, nor is she, but we enjoyed the visit just the same.  It wasn’t too crowded, so we were able to spend time looking closely at the artifacts that interested us, and we watched the museum’s film on the history of the track. We were both struck by the long history of the track and the ever-increasing speeds of the winning cars, and I thought it was very cool how the change in shape of the race cars mirrored the changing fashion for consumer automobiles.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway

As this year’s race nears, the Speedway is likely to become very crowded with fans making pilgrimages to see the cars and motorcycles and trophies on display.  Even if you aren’t a race fan, you don’t want to miss it (though you might want to wait until after race day, when it’s a bit less busy)!

Plus, if you have a penchant for old-time atmosphere and fried foods, Mug ‘n’ Bun drive-in is right down the street!


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