Dealing with April Showers – Indoor Play Ideas for Au Pairs

We’re overdue for our April rain showers, and the weather’s been cooling.  As summer vacation approaches and kids get restless, it’s important for Au Pairs to have a few indoor activities at the ready.  Here are some indoor crafts and games to try:

  • Make simple crafts.  Enchanted Learning has a plethora of ideas and instructions for Earth Day (next week!) and other upcoming holidays and seasons.
  • For younger children, make a Sensory Bin.  Be sure to choose materials appropriate for indoor play (save the sand and birdseed for your summer, outdoor sensory bin!).
  • Play word games, for expanding English vocabulary (yours and theirs) or introducing your own language.  Try an old-fashioned game, like “I Love My Love with an A,” label household objects in two languages, or try Scrabble, crosswords, or word searches.
  • For larger families, turn hide-and-seek upside down by playing a game of Sardines–in this variation, the person who is “it” hides and when the other players find him/her, they must hide in the same location, next to “it,” without being seen by the rest.
  • If you have a budding storyteller or artist, write a short picture book and bind it using these easy instructions:



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